Crop yield optimization


Soil hydrology monitoring


Product Overview

Greenshield combines science and technology to offer you full control over your crop.

  • Not influenced by soil salinity levels
  • Measurement of volumetric soil moisture content and soil temperature
  • Capacitive measurement
  • Flexible design to enable various profile probe configurations
  • Stackable design
  • 5V, 1200 baud SDI-12 data interface with transient protection
  • Standard SDI 12 interface that will connect to most data logger types
  • All Greenshield hardware shares a standard SDI protocol and would be compatible to most telemetry systems world wide.
  • Current consumption: 21 mA in active mode, 80µA in sleeping mode
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C - +65°C
  • Comes standard with 5m shielded cable (additional cable lengths can be ordered up to 20m)*
  • Above soil sensors can be serviced while planted.

*(please note the cable distance has an influence on output readings) Factory installation on cables are advised.


As the maximum water storage capacity largely depends on the soil type, the sensors come factory calibrated.

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Technical Specs

Green Shield uses state of the art technology and combines it with scientific information to give you full control.

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How to use Green Shield

Learn how to install and remove your sensors.

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